Majority of dangerous geological processes (such as landslides) have quite obvious signs of critical state of the slope long before the landslide actually occurs.

This can be noticed through fractures or local shifts of the ground along the upper border of landslide.

Early landslide prevention methods

Early discovery by qualified specialists and timely elimination of the landslide development conditions that includes:

•    providing measures for drainage,

•    local reinforcement of slopes,

•    elimination of fractures

helps to prevent catastrophic development with minimum of activities and costs.

The problem is that even well-known hazardous places are hard to inspect regularly in order to discover the signs of development of a dangerous geological process.

Nowadays the technical means (i.e. simple and cost effective sensors and mobile communications) allow to arrange geomonitoring on a regular basis and deliver the data online to every corner of the world (with Internet connection).

We offer you geomonitoring services in order to timely discover the dangerous state of your building or facility and develop a professional prevention strategy which will suit your needs.