Sochi, Russia

Our specialists developed the 2nd level geomonitoring system for several parts of the Sochi railway (Russia). The project was targeted at building of the automatic processing of the primary monitoring data and minimising the human factor in emergency situations.


The data processing is implemented by 3 level threats criteria. By reaching of each level the particular automatic alarm is triggered. The human factor is excluded (minimised), and the possibility of an early stage detection of the threat becomes possible. We also implemented the principle of visualisation of a monitored object (area) where sensors are automatically displayed in different colours (green, yellow or red) depending on the degree of deviation from the normal status. So simply by giving a fast look at a monitor one can make evaluation of the degree of danger and localise the threat.

Our system allows to model emergency response decision-making procedure for management & personnel and automatically activate it in a critical situation increasing the efficiency of the accident elimination process.